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my story

i thought i was hidden on a shelf
i thought i would just collect dust
and then you came along
with your curious but innocent hands
i didn't think i'd want to open up to anyone
after what i've been through
that's right- i am a used book
my heart torn and returned
but i eventually opened up
i revealed to you my secrets
and my personal life
what was there to lose?
you were much different than the others
i made you a big chapter of my life
i thought you felt the same way
for weeks you urgently spent time with me
everytime we touched
it sent tingles down my spine
things soon changed
your friends became more important
making up excuses, but i'm not the only one who can read
i can read your mind and your signs
you left me on the shelf to watch
although you were the most caring
you did the most damage to me
returned my heart in the worst condition ever; forgotten
that's my story THE NOT-SO-END
because without you these pages, my life, is not complete....
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My name is James...I typed in "Broken Hearted Society" in google and came up with this site..I read your words.My sadness is of a different genre..My brother cheated me out of my family's legacy and our home when my Dad got ill before he died.They auctioned off every legacy of my family past yesterday. I have nothing to remember my family by, aside from in my mind.....
It is MOther's Day today and I I am sad.Even my lover will not be able to make my heart sing today.No family and that makes me sad..
Peace and Joy:James Wilkinson