Rachel (flipstickpowuh) wrote in broken_heart,

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Dream Within Nightmare

In my life there's a lot of shit
but i never thought you'd be a part of it
you'd catch my tears when they would fall
but i never thought you'd be the source of 'em all

do you realize you've broken my heart?
do you see me here falling apart?
part of me wants you to and part of me wants to hide
something tells me that either way you wouldn't care if  i tried

i wish i could confront you with my bloodshot eyes
maybe then you will want to apologize
and take me back with a hug so hard
but it'd be too painful, i've already been scarred

it wouldn't feel the same
love turned to shame
you no longer love me, that is that
so why do i have the feeling it shouldn't be over yet?
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